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Square Diffuser(SD4-C)

1-4 Way Square Ceiling Diffuser 

A consistently popular product, ceiling diffusers are effective supply units, which suit modular ceiling systems perfectly.

Having undergone a recent redesign, JIANPIN Ceiling Diffusers are now lighter and shallower, but the well known design has stayed the same.


· Consistently popular diffuser style

· Available in four blow patterns

· Extruded aluminum construction

· Removable core for easy access to ducting or volume control damper

Normally used in commercial installations requiring an air change rate up to about 10 times per hour, JIANPIN louvre faced ceiling diffusers are especially suitable where people are working for long periods of time, and draughts need to be avoided.

Ceiling diffusers are designed to integrate into lay in # bar ceilings as standard. However should you require it, we can fit your CD into burgess tiles or other tile systems.


Ceiling diffusers have been a popular product for many years, and are often the standard air terminal in offices and shops. The geometric design is both aesthetically pleasing, especially when used in a square tile ceiling, and also enables a 50% free area to be created, retaining high performance when used for both supply and extract applications.

With one, two, three and four way blow diffusers available, JIANPIN makes every conceivable type of ceiling diffuser. We do hold four way blow ceiling diffusers in stock; with square sizes of 150mm, 225mm, 300mm, 375mm and 595mm (overall) held in stock at all times in RAL 9010 finish, you can be assured of industry beating delivery times across all of these sizes of ceiling diffuser.

With JIANPIN, you only pay for what you want. So if you require just a standard ceiling diffuser, that is all you will pay for. Should you require volume control capability though, or perhaps you need fitment into a burgess tile system, we will match your needs perfectly.

Suit:Square to square reducing neck ,square to round reducing neck ,OBD