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Aluminum Egg Crate Core ECC-A

Aluminum Egg Crate Core /Sheet/Gird for HVAC

A consistently popular product,egg crate core effective hvac units, which suit modular air conditioning  ceiling systems perfectly.

Having undergone a recent redesign, JIANPIN aluminum egg crate corel are now lighter and shallower, but the well known design has stayed the same.


  • Consistently popular inspection door style
  • Available in 3 standard size
  • 90degree and 45 degree available
  • Aluminum construction
  • Custom size available
  • HVAC, Air Supply and Return Openings,Eggcrate core is made from aluminum material, and can be used in diffusers, grilles and light fixing.
    Egg crate core in the following configurations:
    a) 12.7mmx12.7mmx12.7mm in thickness of 0.48mm aluminum material
    b) 12.7mmx12.7mmx12.7mm in thickness of 0.38mm aluminum material
    c) 12.7mmx12.7mmx12.7mm in thickness of 0.35mm aluminum material
    d) 15mmx15mmx15mm in thickness of 0.48mm aluminum material

    Standard sizes:
    a) 1219mm x 1219mm
    b) 1200mm x 1200mm
    c) 1219mm x 610mm

    Customized eggcrate sizes are also available upon request.
    Standard colour: mill finish or powder coated white.