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Oval Duct Access Door(AP-E)

HVAC Oval Duct Access Door Access Panel

A consistently popular product,oval duct access door access panel are effective inspection units, which suit modular air conditioning duct systems perfectly.

Having undergone a recent redesign, JIANPIN oval duct access door access panel are now lighter and shallower, but the well known design has stayed the same.


· Consistently popular inspection door style

· Available in 5 standard size

· Galvanzied steel construction

· Double skin for easy access to air conditioning duct

· Description

· The JIANPIN range of oval duct access door access panel is designed to provide easy and speedy access to smoke, fire and volume control dampers, coils, filters and other air conditioning and ventilating equipment mounted inside ductwork.

· The range of five sizes have been carefully selected to provide different degrees of access from single handed to head and shoulder entry.

· JIANPIN access doors are of double skin “sandwich” construction complete with 20mm thick high density insulation and are sealed to prevent any insulation migration.

· The one piece mounting frames are pressed for accuracy and pre-punched on inner and outer flanges.

· This feature allows doors to be installed so that a flush finish is achieved on plain or insulated ductwork.

· All sizes of door are fitted, as standard, with a retaining chain between the door and frame.

· JIANPIN access doors are suitable for high, medium and low pressure applications

· Specification

· Frame, Seamless one piece 0.7mm galvanized mild steel.

· Door, Outer panel 0.7mm galvanized mild steel

· Inner panel 0.7mm galvanized mild steel.

· Insulation, 20mm thick insulation.

· Gasket, Positive seal.

· Fasteners, Progressive action camlocks, zinc plated.

· Retaining chain, zinc plated, between door and frame.

Below size are available:

8"X5", 12"X6", 18"X10", 21"X14", 25"X17"

(200x125, 300x150, 460x250, 530x360, 635x430)