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Fire Smoke Fan (DC)

Product overview

DC series low noise cabinet fan is a new type of fan developed by our company on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. The fan has many functions of ventilation, exhaust and smoke exhaust, and has the advantages of low noise, large air volume, stable operation, convenient installation and high temperature resistance. It is a renewal of high-rise buildings for ventilation and smoke exhaust. Products.

DC series low noise cabinet fans include DCY round angle series cabinet fans and DCF square angle series cabinet fans. Except for box outer frame, the other shape dimensions and performance parameters of round angle series and square angle series are the same.

There are 13 types of bellows in this series, including 9","10","12","15","18","20","22","25","28","30","33","36","39". There are more than ten types of inlet and outlet locations available (see the location map of the outlet for details). The bellows have different performance parameters at the same number, and can be divided into two types: single-speed and double-speed. Users can choose to use them according to different places and different purposes.

Product characteristics

DC series low noise cabinet fan is designed and manufactured with advanced technology. All parts of cabinet body, profile frame and cabinet board assembly design are made by die pressing. It is easy to assemble and assemble, easy to maintain and good sealing performance. The cabinet board is processed with high quality steel plate. It is a double-layer compound structure, and the interior is filled with fire-proof and thermal insulation materials to prevent deformation under high temperature environment. Effective noise reduction and shock reduction.

DC series low noise cabinet fans are divided into A and B structures for users to choose. Type A is an external motor. When it is used as smoke exhaust in fire fighting, it runs for more than 30 minutes at a high temperature of not more than 280 degrees Celsius to achieve the function of smoke exhaust in fire fighting. The products have passed the inspection of Tianjin National Fixed Fire Extinguishing System and Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Refractory Components. Type B motor is built-in, which is widely used for ventilation, air purification, filtration and air conditioning.


DC series low noise cabinet fans are suitable for ventilation, fire fighting, smoke exhaust and air purification in office buildings, hotels, cinemas, auditoriums, basements, villas, shopping malls, hospitals, factory workshops, etc.