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Axial Fan(HTF)

Performance Selection and Model Description of HTF Series Axial Flow Anti-smoke and Exhaust Fans

The performance listed in the performance table of the fan is the performance in the most efficient range. It is divided into five performance points according to the air volume, and the performance table is the basis for selection. The qualified product of fan is under rated air volume, the error of total pressure value does not exceed (+5%), and the performance selection table is the performance under standard condition, regardless of technical documents or ordering requirements, the performance is based on standard condition.

HTF-I and HTF-II are atmospheric axial-flow smoke exhaust fans, and their blades are of axial flow type: HTF-I (single-speed) and HTF-II (double-speed); HTF-III. HTF-IV is of medium-pressure axial-flow smoke exhaust fans, and their blades are of oblique flow type: HTF-III (single-speed) and HTF-IV (double-speed).

HTF-X is a silent fire-fighting high-temperature exhaust fan, HTF-W is a roof fire-fighting high-temperature exhaust fan, HTF-D is a low-pressure fire-fighting high-temperature exhaust fan.